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Selected Comments from Previous Participants

(This is a compilation of anonymous responses from workshops and seminars)

“Thank you for the useful information. I believe it can be applied to improve my effectiveness as a spouse, parent, and administrator.”

“This workshop was wonderful in enlightening me of my style, preferences, phase and communication needs, as well as being able to identify styles of my teachers.”

“It gave insight into my personality, gave me time to reflect on ways for improving my communication and got this workaholic away from the work place.”

“This experience was mind-boggling. It has already made a significant impact on me personally, and I cannot wait to see the full professional impact.”

“I learned a great deal more about myself and fellow team members. I really did enjoy the experience. Had fun.”

“Very good material presented that I can take back with me to be a better educator by meeting my students' needs…Very excellent program that can be helpful to all educators.”

“This was a wonderful experience. It allowed me to refocus my direction with regard to communication, problem solving, and effective leadership.”

“Not only will this workshop help me personally but also I will benefit from learning into my job environment.”

“This experience was invigorating, exciting and will prove to be very useful both in my professional and personal life. I felt energized as I participated.”

“I feel much better about who I am and why I’m experiencing distress. I have the knowledge base to work through my problems because of this workshop. THANKS!”

“This has been a pleasant, revealing and ‘essential’ experience.  The information I gained can be applied to my daily life experiences.  I have been provided the opportunity to know myself better, positive & negative or distressful symptomatology.  Excellent!!!”

“Awesome – This is an area in which I am constantly seeking information.  As our jobs become even more difficult and demanding, this will become an even more critical piece.  Dr. Gilbert is energetic, devoted, and charming.  His belief and commitment to this training add to the importance and make the delivery interesting and useful.  Thanks!”

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